The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd Secure a Victory for a Retired Military Father, Granting Him Visitation Rights with Twin Girls

May 8, 2015

On the Friday before Mothers' Day, our Firm's Attorney Ashley Garfield won a huge victory on behalf of a retired military father in Utah who has not seen his six-year old twin girls for too long a time. The father, who represented himself pro se in divorce proceeding in Chicago, was taken advantage of years ago and cut out of his daughters' lives. This military veteran ended up with a parenting agreement that only enabled him to spend a total of two weeks with his daughters for several years and with no contact of any type this year.

The Army hero did not give up hope and turned to this Firm to fight this legal travesty and restore his father's rights, and the Firm did. Attorney Garfield, using her tenacious legal skills successfully persuaded the Judge to finally give the father real visitation with his daughters. The Judge even ordered visitation for the dad during Mothers' Day. Further, the Court ordered that our client will have an extensive summer visitation in Utah, where his twin daughters will celebrate their birthdays, his birthday, and Fathers' Day with him.

Our client's children are looking forward to celebrating all these birthdays with their father and a Fathers' Day with him that they will always remember.